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In the late 1960’s, after more than a decade of training and practicing as an auto body mechanic, I was commissioned to restore a local collectors vintage vehicle at my facility. The experience was a little challenging but very creative, interesting and rewarding. The fabrication and shaping of metal, repair and replacement of original panels and the fit and finish of a well done restoration, and acquiring the knowledge and techniques to do this properly, quickly became a passion, obsession and business for me.

I actively started to collect old car chassis and parts, which filled up my property in short order and forced me to move to a larger facility. Even today, I often manage to locate difficult to find parts in my collection, for customers cars. Over the years I have developed quite a network of suppliers, friends and enthusiasts who share my passion for preserving automotive history.

I guess when you've done this as long as I have, you create a large storehouse of technical and practical knowledge of the restoration process of vintage and collector vehicles. I do pass this knowledge along to the technicians at my facility, who sometimes show me a thing or two, and by teaching courses in Auto Restoration.

I am very proud of the work our staff at Rumbleseat Restorations produces, from ICBC claims to antique, vintage, collector, rod and custom vehicles.

Come in for a visit, we’ll show you what we’re all about.

Don Warren
(604) 826-4633